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Driving Profitable Growth:

Strategies to Renew your Business

  IMD Discovery Event May 23-24
Topic Driving Profitable Growth: Strategies to Renew your Business
Date May 23-24, 2007

Enhancing shareholder value is arguably the primary focus of public corporations and their leadership. But despite the obvious importance of sustaining profitable growth, empirical evidence suggests that few firms have been able to show either sustained growth or profitability. The research findings of Professors Chakravarthy and Lorange indicate that superior performance is not about profitability or growth, short term or long term; it is about balancing the tensions and timelines and demands of all of these goals in a journey of continuous renewal.

In this Discovery event Professors Chakravarthy and Lorange will share some key findings from their five year long study on how this balance is struck by successful companies around the world; the discipline that is necessary; and the key roles that multiple levels of managers must play in order to make it happen.


The event takes place at IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland)

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IMD hosts a series of one and a half day discovery events throughout the year on the IMD campus. These events give you the chance to discuss IMD’s latest research with executives from all over the world.

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