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June 2-3, 2016


Leading collaboration across global organizations: How to build a house without a hammer by Martha Maznevski

Overview Description:

Collaboration across global organizations is often assigned to lateral teams. Some of these lateral teams create the dotted lines across a matrix, others serve cross-boundary customers or suppliers, and still others drive information-sharing as centers of excellence or communities of practice. They offer enormous potential: alignment, responsiveness, synergies, innovation, value creation. However, their leaders are usually missing the most important tool in the toolbox: the hammer of formal authority. Influencing individuals without authority is difficult enough. Creating a high-performing team from a group of individuals who each report to a different boss, is a much greater leadership challenge.
In this Discovery Event we will look at how lateral leaders can build teams that drive collaboration across global organizational units by combining initiatives and emotional bonds. We’ll explore the conditions that need to be met, and the actions and behaviors that create the conditions. We will identify the many other tools leaders can draw on to build their houses of lateral collaboration.

Discover How to:

•  Assessment of the lateral team’s current collaboration health
•  Practical ideas for increasing the conditions for collaboration

Target Audience:

•  Leaders of lateral collaboration, such as Key Account Managers with global customers or suppliers, Functional and Brand / Product leaders who lead across geographies, Leaders of Centers of Excellence whose members are embedded in many business units.

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