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  From Product to Service-25-26-April-2013

Marketing and Strategy


April 25-26, 2013


Today, many firms seek to grow beyond their traditional core and venture into value-added services and customer solutions. Yet, companies often experience mixed results in implementing service growth strategies and wrestle with strong internal resistance to change from a "box pushing" mind-set to a truly service-centric approach  

In this discovery event, we explore the success factors that B2B companies need to master when moving from products to service(s). To this end, we draw on lessons learned from our study of large industry leaders in diverse B2B markets about how to escape the commodity trap and grow successfully in value-added services and customer solutions. Our emphasis is on industrial/B2B marketing contexts, but the lessons learned apply also to a broader audience, such as distributors or consumer marketing contexts willing to shift from a "box pushing" to a service-centric logic.  


  • An opportunity to benchmark your own practices against those of firms in other markets facing the same or very similar challenges
  • Analyse your company's strengths and weaknesses in this arena
  • Define trajectories for how to grow your firms' service portfolios over time

Target audience:

  • Managers in charge of supervising, designing and executing service-growth strategies in traditional goods-centric firms
  • Managers in a general management position initiating and supervising such a strategy
  • Heads of a Strategic Business Unit
  • Executives and senior managers in charge of business development or strategic growth
  • VP Sales, Director of Marketing, or Head of Service Operations

From Product to Service, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 25-26, 2013

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