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What can business, senior manager's & leader's learn from family businesses?

  Family Business 2017

Family Business


December 5 & 6, 2017


What can businesses, SENIOR MANAGER’S & leader’s learn from family businesses?

By Professor Denise H. Kenyon Rouvinez &
Executive in Residence Gilbert Achermann



Discover the complex and fascinating world of family business, including long term success, multiple generational challenges and decision making.

Family businesses are highly complex. They must continuously align the interests of the family with the ownership and objectives of the business. Family businesses are both strong and fragile at the same time, and typically have a very long-term and values-based approach, often playing a crucial role in local and global economies.


Do they achieve this because they are “more human”? What do they do differently and what is their main focus? How does working in (or for) one impact your decision making? What can you learn from the family business model? And did you know that globally, about 70% of businesses are family businesses…?


Who and when:

Professor Denise Kenyon-Rouvinez

December 5-6


Target audience:

All senior management level and above (including Board members), from both family businesses and non-family businesses alike.



-Different roads to long term success and the benefits and challenges of working for a family business;

-How to engage and motivate employees from multiple generations to understand each other and to work together successfully;

-A real world transformation of a family business into a publicly listed company.


Family Businesses, Lausanne, December 5-6, 2017

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