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Topic Innovation and Learning
Date November 25-26 2010

It is the relentless business paradox. The entrepreneurial dream is to build a large enduring firm, yet large enduring firms aspire to become more entrepreneurial. This Discovery Event will begin to bridge the gap, helping large firms create new innovations, products and markets. The agenda will include a variety of relevant perspectives, including:


• Approaches used by expert entrepreneurs
• Designing organizations for opportunity creation
• Large and small firm case studies
• IMD research into managerial decisions in entrepreneurial situations Implications for you and your business

Fortune 50 firms and 50-person startups share a common goal of creating new opportunities to sustain and grow. Participants in this Discovery Event will find that the process is fundamentally the same for both types of organizations, it is not mysterious, and that entrepreneurial opportunities can be created systematically. We hope you can join us.

Stuart Read is Professor of Marketing at IMD and a serial entrepreneur recovering from creating 6 startups (2 IPO and 4 acquired).

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