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Sustainability Leadership for a New Energy Future:

Keeping up with the climate

  Sustainability Leadership for a New Energy Future: Keeping up with the climate

The long-term success of corporations is intimately linked with the way they address the challenges and opportunities posed by current energy developments and climate change. In the past, public discussion on energy and climate change focused primarily on resource scarcity, rising levels of global warming, the degree to which it is serious, and who can be held responsible for it. However, the last few years have seen a significant shift in the climate change debate. No longer the preserve of scientists and political activists, the global and local implications of climate change have entered the mainstream of everyday discussion. In the world of business and finance, climate change has evolved from being a fringe concern, of relevance to corporate brand building and Corporate Social Responsibility, to an increasingly central topic for strategic deliberation and decision-making by executives and investors around the globe.

Looking at energy alternatives and the implications of climate change presents an opportunity to challenge government policies and social systems, and to transform existing business models based on fossil fuel consumption. Ultimately, a clear corporate understanding of energy developments and climate change impacts is an opportunity to create new business models that place sustainability at the core of business strategy.  Dedicated actions to develop a new energy future and thus prevent further climate change will also promote more stable ecological systems and more secure societies. Firms that will prosper in a "climate-changed" world are those that have early awareness of its importance and inevitability, those that foresee at least some of the implications for their company and industry, and those that take appropriate remedial steps well in advance.

IMD's newly launched Global Center for Sustainability Leadership together with the CSM Platform – its membership-driven learning initiative – is proud to launch a new series of thought leadership events on energy futures and climate change. This annual event will be your reference point for keeping abreast of new developments, and will provide opportunities for you to contribute to and learn from thought leadership in this area.  From the science of climate change to ground-breaking innovations in business models, we will scrutinize business relevance as never before. Please join us on this journey!

Date & Venue

November 15-16, 2012


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Coordinator, Corporate Sustainability Management Platform
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Sustainability Leadership for a New Energy Future: Keeping up with the climate
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