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  IMD Discovery Event November 2-3

Hostage at the table: How leaders can overcome conflict, influence others and raise performance

Prof. George Kohlrieser

Date November 2-3 2006
Details Senior executives spend a great deal of time learning how to manage the business and how to manage other people. Little time, however, is spent on learning to manage themselves. Drawing extensively on his new book (to be released June 2006), Prof. Georges Kohlrieser will help participants understand their own motivators. Through self-awareness and self-mastery one can avoid being taken hostage by a boss, a customer, a situation, an employee, or even by oneself. Leadership begins with managing the self.

The event takes place at IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland)

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IMD hosts a series of one and a half day discovery events throughout the year on the IMD campus. These events give you the chance to discuss IMD’s latest research with executives from all over the world.

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