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The Talent Quest: New rules for tougher times

  Discovery Event March 5-6 2009

The Talent Quest: New rules for tougher times

Date March 5-6 2009

This Discovery Event is designed to help the company assess and act on a specific, pressing talent challenge, namely:

For senior professionals and managers who will not be rising in the ranks, how can their great experience be re-imagined, re-channeled and re-vitalised for the final decade of their careers? The Event will begin with an overview of demographic trends and their implications for the supply of professional and management talent - against the challenge, now faced by many firms, to replace substantial numbers of their most senior executives and professionals in the coming 5 plus years. Also explored here: National and EU guidelines that emerge from the coming crunches due to the aging workforce and pension fund implications.

Then, we will explore a number of particular challenges in re-deploying and effectively using the best of 50 plus age group, who will not go higher in rank, but whose experience represents a tremendously significant resource for the firm - if managed in the right ways.

The Event will include several live case-studies for firms who have embarked on this approach.


  • How demographic trends are pointing to a major talent crunch
  • How to assess the implications for your company
  • How some companies are taking action now, to overcome their own distinctive talent crunch
  • The steps you need to take to ensure your firm is ahead of this difficult challenge

The event takes place at IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland)

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IMD hosts a series of one and a half day discovery events throughout the year on the IMD campus. These events give you the chance to discuss IMD’s latest research with executives from all over the world.

Discovery events are open to executives from Learning Network member companies.

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