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  Discovery Event March 13-14 2008
Topic Innovation Breakthrough: From Ideas to Cash
Date March 13-14, 2008

As companies increasingly see innovation as a key element for competitiveness and profitable growth, IMD's thriving activities in this area will be presented for various types of innovation: business process innovation, business model innovation, services innovation and technology-intensive innovation. Although these innovations are different in nature, they provide learning points useful to all companies concerning the following aspects:


  • How to enhance the innovative culture
  • Organisational aspects best fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial orientation
  • How to develop a customer-oriented innovation process
  • Form idea to cash: how to accelerate the innovation process.

This event is addressed to managers involved in innovation-led business development in companies across all sectors.


The event takes place at IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland)

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General Information

IMD hosts a series of one and a half day discovery events throughout the year on the IMD campus. These events give you the chance to discuss IMD’s latest research with executives from all over the world.

Discovery events are open to executives from Learning Network member companies.

Registration for events is on a first come, first served basis. IMD does its utmost to accommodate all Learning Network members and retains the right to refuse, or to place on a waiting list "multiple" registrations coming from the same company.

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