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  Discovery Event February 15-17 2008
Topic Realities and Prospects for India and China - an IMD Business Retreat
Date February 15-17, 2008

15 years ago China and India were hardly on the global business map. Today their impact on the rest of the world economy, from America to Zimbabwe, is huge.
But as business rushes off to seize the possible market opportunities, how comfortable in fact are business leaders with their understanding of the underlying forces and trends in the two markets? This is the first time in history that the emerging global economic powers are poor - in fact, in GDP per capita terms, very poor; what are the implications in terms of future growth and stability? Are Chinese and Indian forms of capitalism sustainable? Is the global market economy with China and India as key driving forces sustainable? What are the issues that we may currently not have on our radar screen that we should have?

Are you among those many business leaders who understand the imperative of being actively present in the Chinese and Indian markets, but feel that you may not be completely up to speed? If so join us in February for this highly interactive weekend event.


  • the critical issues and imponderables in assessing the current realities and the future prospects of the two economies
  • their general impact on the global business environment, in respect to specific sectors, and in respect to specific regions - notably the emergence of "the new silk road"
  • a solid analytical framework that will be a source of guidance and reference for the years ahead
  • how to foster knowledge and thought leadership as a critical strategic imperative for navigating your company in these uncharted waters

The event takes place at IMD in Lausanne (Switzerland)

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