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  Digitalization and Healthcare 2017

Digitalization & Healthcare


September 21-22, 2017



Digital transformation in healthcare

By Professor Carlos Cordon

The Healthcare sector is experiencing a huge number of digital innovations both from start-ups and existing players. We are witnessing initiatives like pharmaceutical companies going “beyond the pill”, wearable companies, including Apple, entering the market, hospitals using big data for better treatment, medical devices companies using Artificial Intelligence for personalized medicine, insurance companies predicting surgical operations and pharmaceutical retailers delivering mass customized patient centric services.

However, the commercial success of these innovations is dependent not only on improving patient health, but also on the need to reduce costs and the interest of the players on a relatively conservative ecosystem.

E-health needs to be patient centric (Patient 4.0), outcome driven, ecosystem friendly and equipped to respond to huge cost pressures. The majority of developed countries are facing a collapse of the healthcare system in the near futur because because of the aging population; or, as it is called in the USA, the white tsunami (referring to the white hair of the aging baby boom generation). Thus, there is a need to innovate and digital transformation may well be the answer to that need.

Which e-health innovations are most successful? How can one embark on a successful digital transformation in the healthcare ecosystem?

During this event, you will be presented with the results of a major research project conducted by the Value Chain 4.0 Center and the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation.


» How to lead a successful digital business transformation in the healthcare ecosystem

Target audience:

Anyone working within the healthcare ecosystem who would like to better understand how digital disruption is transforming it.

This event features original research conducted by IMD’s Value Chain 4.0 Center and the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation.

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