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Digital Business Transformation:

Changing Your Customer Engagement, Operating Culture and Business Model

  Digital Business Transformation 2014

Information Management


May 14-15, 2014


Digital Business transformation is not just about adding more channels to communicate with customers or using the internet for E-Commerce or providing sales reps with mobile and tablet devices or even adding social media sites around your products and services. Digital transformation (DT) is about being on a journey to redefine customer engagement in a multi-channel world. DT is about providing new ways of selling, marketing and branding products close to real time for better customer engagement. DT is about integrating new information content about customers, services and products with an operating culture that shares and combines the knowledge of your people in a 24/7 relationship with your customers and partners. DT is about rethinking and changing the core ways your company does business before your competitors do.

In this Discovery Event, Professors Marchand and Wade will present their leading-edge research and cases on how digital transformation is changing the competitive landscape and business modules of companies in “traditional” service, process, distribution and industrial companies. What should established companies do when the Googles, Amazons and disruptive new entrants show up in our “digital space”?

• how digital business transformation is changing the competitive landscape for many companies and industries
• how digital business transformation is impacting business models of companies in “traditional” service, process, distribution and industrial companies
• how traditional companies should respond when disruptive new entrants such as Google and Amazon show up in their “digital space”.

General Information

IMD hosts a series of one and a half day discovery events throughout the year on the IMD campus. These events give you the chance to discuss IMD’s latest research with executives from all over the world.

Discovery events are open to executives from Learning Network member companies.

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Digital Business Transformation, Lausanne, Switzerland, May 14-15, 2014

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