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Digital Industry Transformation: Creating opportunities, Defending against digital Disruption

  Digital Industry Transformation

Digital Business


May 20 & 21, 2015


Professors Mikotaj Jan Piskorski, Donald Marchand and Michael Wade

While digital transformation is affecting every industry globally whether they are resource, product or service intensive, the speed of industry transformation depends on whether new entrants or established players seek to disrupt other industry players and with what scale and scope. For example, Amazon as “The Everything Store” is actively disrupting traditional industries from white goods and electrical products to industrial equipment distribution. What can established companies do to protect or defend their positions in these industries from the market encroachment of Amazon? Similarly, in the financial services industry, disruptive change is happening in the payments segment of the industry that has previously been very slow to change. How can established payments players protect their industry from major disruptions in who owns and runs the retail payments processes such as PayPal in the digital space?

In this Discovery Event, Professors Jan Piskorski, Marchand and Wade will present their leading-edge research and case development on how digital industry transformation is happening and how established players can defend and exploit their leading positions in service, product, and resource intensive industries. What should established companies do when the Googles, Amazons, and disruptive new entrants like Uber show up in their “digital space”?

Discover how to

1)  To sense and identify the dynamics of traditional industry disruption by new entrants and established players before it is too late;
2)  To understand the choices about whether to exploit or defend against digital industry disruption in the short and medium term;
3)  To develop a digital business strategy that leverages established company positioning and capabilities, while preparing for and adapting to inevitable digital changes in “traditional” industries.
Who should attend: general managers concerned about how to exploit or defend against digital disruptions in their industry globally.


Digital Business Transformation, Lausanne, May 20-21, 2015

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