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  Digital Business transformation 2016

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May 18-19, 2016


Digital Business Agility and Workforce Transformation by Professor Michael Wade

Overview Description:

During the Discovery Event, we will focus on two aspects of digital business transformation. First, we will explore the cornerstone of competitiveness in the Digital Vortex: Digital Business Agility. Since the future is becoming so hard to predict, organizations need to be agile to respond to changes in the environment. But, what is agility and how can it be achieved? The session will explore three critical sub-capabilities of agility in a digitally disruptive world: hyperawareness, informed decision making, and fast execution.

The second focus on this Event is on how to build Digital Business Agility through the workforce. We have found that when it comes to digital transformation, many executives overestimate the impact of technology and underestimate the importance of people. In designing and executing a digital strategy, the human side of going digital raises many important business challenges such as:

-  Recruiting and retaining millennials and younger generations that are digitally savvy
-  Identifying leadership skills in an increasingly digital enterprise
-  Developing an organizational culture that enhances trust, collaboration and knowledge sharing inside and outside the company
-  Transforming less digitally savvy managers usually at the top of the company to ‘think and act’ digital

This Discovery Event is informed by research from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco Initiative

Discover how to:

-  Become more agile as an organization
-  Make faster and better decisions
-  Learn to embrace experimentation, digital innovation, and a test and learn culture
-  Develop a digital business strategy that integrates the people side of going digital
-  Shape your organizational culture to effectively enable collaboration, knowledge sharing and trust among employees, teams and across functions
-  Sense and respond to the expectations of digitally savvy managers and employees without losing the trust and contributions of less digitally savvy employees and customers
-  Lead the people side of going digital in your workplace on scale and with practices that balance opportunities with risks inside and outside your organization

Target audience:

-  Business leaders curious about how they can make their organizations more agile and responsive
-  Business and HR executives concerned with extracting maximum value from their workforce using digital tools and technologies
-  Digital officers and project leaders driving digital transformation in their companies

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