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  Digital Business Models 2016

Digital Business


February 25-26, 2016


Understanding Digital Business Models: Why can’t You be the Disruptor? by Michael Wade

Overview Description:

This Discovery Event will showcase original research by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco Initiative. You will hear about the three value drivers that underpin all digital disruptions: cost value (like Skype), experience value (like Netflix), and platform value (like Kickstarter). Each of these value drivers can be leveraged through five separate business models. Thus, you will be exposed to a total of fifteen distinct business models that competitors can use to disrupt you, or that you can use to disrupt others.

Key Learning Objectives:

You will learn about different types of disruptors, including those that manage to combine cost, experience and platform value. We call these super-disruptors ‘value vampires’ as they tend to suck the profit pools away from the markets they enter (like Amazon). We will also look at how to identify ‘value vacancies’ or short term opportunities to extract value in digital and non-digital spaces.

Finally, we will present a digital business transformation framework that you can use to build a business model to become the disruptor rather than be disrupted!

Target Audience:

All managers and executives concerned about digital disruption are welcome.

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