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Creating Shared Value:

Learning from the Cherry Tree: Turning Trash into Cash

  Creating Shared Value-20-21-September-2012
Topic Strategy
Date September 20-21, 2012

In a world where which raw resource inputs become more expensive and less available and polluting gets costlier, what can be done to effectively address this issue?

This is the opportunity—yes, opportunity—facing many firms. There are strategic sweet spots that promise tremendous profits for the firms that can creatively explore profitable business models that have waste streams as inputs.

Firms producing tangible goods need to explode their assumptions and think about creating entirely new business models and entire industrial value chains. In this event we'll explore the nature of these opportunities and review how other firms have managed to turn trash into cash.


  • The opportuntuies of creating shared value

Who should attend:     

  • Business Unit Heads                                        
  • Sustainability Project Managers                                        
  • Middle Managers  


  • Middle Management and above
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