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Communicating Sustainability Strategies:

A double-edged sword?

  Systemic Solutions for Innovation in Sustainability

Systemic Solutions for Innovation in Sustainability

Date & Venue

February 22 & 23, 2012
IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland


While companies are going through the first stages of linking innovation to sustainability such as viewing compliance as opportunity, making value chains sustainable, and designing sustainable products and services, they are getting nearer to the point where they will develop new business models and even create platforms to enable completely new business ecosystems and industries - with Social Innovation being one of the new successful concepts. The good news for business is that this process is inherent with what business is best at: competing for being smarter, faster, and greater while transforming to the new requirements of a changing world.

The objectives of this Roundtable will include:

  • Understanding sustainability as the driver for innovation and business success.
  • Building additional competencies on social innovation and how to incorporate the concept into own company’s business model.
  • Discussing opportunities for cooperation and activating partnerships with business, government, academia, NGO’s on sustainable development and corporate social innovation.

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