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The Future of Corporate Sustainability

  Corporate Sustainability Management Forum November 22-23
Topic The Future of Corporate Sustainability
Date November 22-23, 2007

At this annual event, the Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM), IMD’s research center for corporate sustainability offers the IMD network an opportunity to be exposed to cutting edge research results of far-reaching research projects on the business case for sustainability in nine industry sectors, stakeholder perceptions of corporate sustainability performance and the effectiveness of multi-stakeholder partnerships. Over the past five years, CSM has drawn some sobering conclusions about the status of corporate sustainability in Europe. The business case for sustainability is far from being exploited by industry mainly because primary stakeholders are not pushing for sustainability. Other stakeholders, including NGOs feel that they lack leverage to push companies towards more sustainable business models and products. And yet the urgency of the debates regarding “mega”-issues, such as climate change, water, poverty, and global health continue to gain momentum in the media.

This Discovery Event will be a chance for participants from a diversity of industry sectors to exchange points of view in the context of CSM research. We will invite a number of NGO representatives and other stakeholders to contribute to the discussions. What are the future of corporate sustainability and the role of industry with regard to “mega-issues”? In an increasingly complex business environment, what is the “fit” of corporate sustainability?

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Forum for Corporate Sustainability Management (CSM)

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