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Digital Transformation: The CIO’s Dream or Worse Nightmare?


How many tablet and smart phone “pilots” are running in your company? Is your global infrastructure ready for the new waves of Apple, Samsung or Google controlled devices in the hands of tens of thousands of employees worldwide? When the president of a major BU says he wants to digitally transform customer engagement with digital technology in emerging and developed markets in less than 2 years, what do you do? How will you as CIO assure security, compliance and risk management in a world of devices designed for consumers to use? Are your people ready to enable with sales and marketing functions “closed loop marketing” analytics and “e-detailing” of your products and services in close to real time?

The challenges of digital transformation seem to be multiplying for CIOs about as fast as new product and service announcements from your leading IT and internet companies?

This event is on invitation only and exclusively for CIOs of prominent companies.


From Thursday, May 15 at 17:00 until Friday, May 16 14:00


IMD is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, approximately 40 minutes by road or rail from Geneva International Airport.


CIO Roundtable, Lausanne, Switzerland, May 15-16, 2014

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