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Business Essential Workshops

  Business Essential Workshops-June-4-2009
Topic Governance
Date June 4 2009

Business essential workshops

Join us for a day of 4 workshops looking at essential aspects of

• Finance
• Innovation
• Strategy
• Marketing

For those executives who are not versed in company financial practices, the financial arena can often appear to be daunting and complex. During this session Professor Nuno Fernandez will provide an overview of Finance for Non Financial Managers and will deal with

• The Foundations of Financial Tools
• Key Financial Ratios
• Managing Cash flow

During this interactive workshop Professor David Robertson will be discussing fundamental issues in innovation today and how these impact company practice. We will particularly focus on

• What innovation is
• The role of a leader in terms of innovation
• Why HR needs to play a role in boosting innovation for companies

Professor Cyril Bouquet highly interactive workshop will look at strategy as an integrated set of choices to generate superior financial returns over the long run and will explore the following key facets.

• Strategy and competitive advantage
• Traditional industry analysis
• Resources and capabilities
• Escaping current paradigms


 An old proverb reminds us "there are two kinds of fool in any market -- one charges too little, the other charges too much".  Pricing is not just hard, it’s extremely important.  Pricing is the mechanism for you to capture the value your company creates.  And, since different customers value your products/services differently, and the same customers value a product/service differently at different times, it’s often appropriate to set a variety of prices, rather than just one. In this short session Professor John Walsh will cover

• Pricing Mechanisms
• Schemes used by marketers to set and defend differential pricing
• Pricing for different customers, at different times, in different places


Business Essential Workshops, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 4, 2009

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