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IMD Cafe - Rotterdam, May 25, 2010

  Bouncing back from the crisis

We have the pleasure of inviting you to the third IMD-Café. In this event we will discuss the recently launched IMD case of Torres wine. This succesful and innovative 5th generation family business is leading the sustainability challenge of its' industry. After an introductory wine tasting, we will work on how to close the gap between brand experience and sustainability. More information can be found at

The objective of IMD-Café is to enable all IMD alumni to continue to learn from each other after their IMD passage. Through informal gatherings around a catching theme, knowledge and experience will be exchanged. As on campus, all participants will have to contribute actively in the discussions. For membership please check out

Jan van der Kaaij (EMBA 2005)
René van ’t Hof (PED 2008)


Branson Company
Veerhaven 14-15 3016 CJ Rotterdam

For inquiries, please contact René van 't Hof: 

0031 6 12 99 53 09


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General Information

IMD Café is facilitated by the Dutch alumni club. They gather alumni from IMD in the Netherlands for interactive & informative events around a catching Theme.

All IMD Cafe events are organised on a self supporting basis. A contribution of Euro 50 will be asked from all participants to cover the costs.

The Dutch Alumni Club will continue its highly successful company visits.

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