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Big data strategy for your company value chain

  Big data strategy for your company value chain

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November 26 & 27, 2015


Overview description

There is a great amount of expectations about what social media and big data can bring to business in many different areas. Market intelligence tools have begun to demonstrate the benefits that big data could bring to supply chain management. 

Often, the organizations are aware of the huge amount of information provided by their consumers but still need to learn how to use that information and benefit from it.

Using real-life examples from major leading-edge companies, Professor Carlos Cordon will explore how to integrate big data to the value chain, starting from three different angles:

1.  Based on the strategy: Which is the companies' approach to big data, and the criteria to follow to develop their strategy? Which are their priorities? Where should they invest?
2.  Based on the requirements: Are companies mature enough to implement the big data strategy they have designed?
3.  Based on the process: Which is the big data strategy start point? Is it from the different parts of the organization (bottom-up) or should it be from the central strategy view (top-down)?

Discover how to

-  Understand your company mature level as a first step to implement big data.
-  Integrate and leverage big data into your company strategy.
-  Learn from other examples: What would it be to take the know-how conceived by NASA and apply it in value chain and big data? How does the value chain that makes it possible to send a rocket to the space works and how can big data help overcome the difficulties they face?
-  Transform your value chain to optimize the collection of big data through your eCommerce channel into your value chain.
-  Use big data to maximize your website 7 seconds exposure-time, the time your customer spends as an average on your website from their smart phone.

Target audience

-  Experienced executives who want to benefit from the use of big data.
-  Value Chain, management and operations leaders.

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