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Beating Low Cost Competition: How to win in an ever-

increasingly competitive market

  Beating Low Cost Competition May 14-15-2009
Topic Growth
Date May 14-15 2009

Many traditional companies are being seriously challenged by low cost competitors offering “good enough” products and services at very attractive prices. In some industries the challengers are home-grown, in others the challengers are based in emerging markets, particularly China and India. Traditional companies have several response options, including meeting the challengers head-on in the “good enough” segments of the market, or by trying to distance themselves from the challengers by innovating in terms of performance value or relational value.


  • How these “good enough” competitors play their game … and it is not just about having low prices
  • How recent developments in business are helping the “good enough” players be more competitive, more quickly
  • How some companies are successfully confronting the low cost competitors in the “good enough” market segments
  • How other traditional companies are successfully (so far!) distancing themselves from the challengers and the implementation challenges they have faced
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