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Asia in the New Global Disorder

  Asia in the New Global Disorder 2014

International Political Economy


April 3-4, 2014


Rationale and Goals
The world is experiencing the most profound transformation since at least two-hundred years. In 1820 Asia accounted for 60% of global GDP; by 1950 it had dwindled to 15%. The dominant feature of the 21st century has been the global resurgence of the Asian continent as the major influence in writing the narrative of the 21st century. Asia is expected in the course of the years ahead to recapture its 60% share. As this occurs the Atlantic-centric model of global governance reaches obsolescence, while a new “order” is not yet in place: hence the disorder.
Though business is aware of Asia’s rise, there is a tendency to perceive the continent mainly from an economic and technological perspective and in a discrete rather than holistic manner. In fact Asia is a cauldron where dynamic developments are occurring on multiple fronts – demographics, social change and aspirations, finance, economic growth, consumption, climate change, water, energy and food security, religion, ideology, and political transformations – and in relations between the principal actors.

The objective of the event will be to connect the Asian dots: to provide an analytical framework for achieving a more sophisticated understanding of this continent in rapid and profound transition as a means to feed into the corporate strategic vision and process. Participants should leave equipped with state-of-the-art radars for assessing and anticipating forces and developments occurring in the Asian century.
The event will be led by Professor Jean-Pierre Lehmann, who has fifty years’ experience observing and analysing Asia through multiple locations, prisms and activities. He will be joined by Asian and Asia-expert IMD faculty.

Key themes will form the content of four roundtables (which participants will choose to join) to be held on the morning of the 4th; each roundtable will have external “expert advisors”. The themes will be discussed with a view to determining business strategic implications.

-An overview of the historical dynamics, current forces and future trends of “Asia in the New Global Disorder”
-Asia’s “WEEF” – water, energy, environment and food – challenges;
-Asian intra-regional and global trade and investment patterns, including with Africa, Middle East and Latin America, implications for the 21st century international trade regime;
-Asian geopolitical, security, and territorial issues and fault-lines – challenges for confidence and institution building;
-Asia’s new growth models and the rise of a massive urban middle income class.
This event will feature a mixture of presentations, plenary sessions, group work and roundtables.
Target Audience
Current and future global business leaders in multiple sectors, including: financial services, energy, agribusiness, telecommunications, media, healthcare, infrastructure, construction, FMCG, mining, raw materials, commodities, trade, travel, aerospace and defence.


Asia in the New Global Disorder, Lausanne, Switzerland, April 3-4, 2014

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