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March 10-11, 2016


Think like an Alien: How to look at your Business with Fresh Eyes by Cyril Bouquet

Overview Description:

As a successful manager, you have developed theories, mental models, and perspectives that inform the way you operate and try to grow the business. You have learnt through experience what works, and what doesn’t, and this “expertise” provides a filter by which you envision the future of your business. But too much uncritical faith in such accumulated experience may blind your thinking and limit your capacity to sustain growth for the business. Questioning existing knowledge is the starting point for innovation and change. As Bertrand Piccard, the originator of the Solar Impulse project said: “An innovation is not just coming up with a new idea, it is the shedding of an old ‘certainty’.

Discover How to:

In this Discovery Event, Professor Cyril Bouquet will explore what it means to think like an Alien and highlight a method to see your business with fresh eyes, challenge the ‘unchallenged’ and move your organization forward in new and interesting ways.
You will discover how to:
Avoid most critical sources of growth blind spots, as they are weaknesses leaders should combat
Look at your business with fresh eyes – observe the world as it actually is, not as you assume it to be, and identify new innovative ways to grow your business
Accelerate innovation in your teams and organizations. Assess the organizational context you inherited, and then figure out what levers you need to activate to achieve superior innovation performance

Target audience:

Leaders in general management positions, responsible for moving their units forward in terms of growth and profits
Leaders who are seeking to innovate parts of their organizations
Innovation professionals who want to understand how they can best support colleagues in their search for new ideas that can create growth for the business


Think like an Alien: How to look at your Business with Fresh Eyes, Lausanne, March 10-11, 2016

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