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  Addressing the Twin Challenges of Lasting Success



April 23 & 24, 2015


Overview Description:
Loyal customers, employees and investors crave sustained commercial success. But looked at over decades not quarters, it is an outcome that is exceedingly rare. The forces that conspire against lasting success are as pervasive and relentless as gravity. They foster a view of the world that is 'inside out', seen from a desk in an office, surrounded by colleagues, fixed in an often redundant view of how the business competes and the markets it competes in. Inside out is insidious – it is the natural state within an organisation of any size, and retaining a view from where the customer stands requires skilled, deliberate and continual effort.

Based on their research examining how successful companies sustain growth against the odds and their close scrutiny of hundreds of businesses across two decades, Charlie Dawson and Seán Meehan propose "the Winner's Tornado" a model that addresses the twin challenges of lasting customer-led success:

″  Establishing a customer led business
″  Protecting a customer led business from the consequences of success

Discover how to achieve and maintain:

Focus. Avoiding complexity by using scale to drive a virtuous cycle of subtle and sophisticated responses to continuously evolving customer segments.
Authority. Avoiding the compromises of bloating organisations by empowering strong customer oriented teams and decision-making.
Speed. Avoiding sclerotic irrelevance by designing decision-making to be both fast and right, committed and in touch with the market
Protect the energy of earlier success and the simple understanding of where the money comes from to ensure widespread conviction around 'the way we do business'
Stewardship. Countering the gravitational pull of an inside out perspective by ensuring board and senior stakeholders protect the conditions for customer-led organic growth. 

Target audience:

″ Executive and non-executive board members who need to understand how to achieve customer-led organic growth and how to sustain it in the face of all kinds of adversity.
″ Leaders responsible for creating and implementing an "outside-in" customer-led strategy, and executing it across the entire organisation.
″ Senior executives tasked with leading the continuous change characteristic of successful growth companies.


Addressing the Twin Challenges of Lasting Success, Lausanne, April 23-24, 2015

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