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Leadership, Authenticity and Corporate Purpose

  Leadership, Authenticity and Corporate Purpose
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In the shadow of the recent and ongoing financial crisis, public confidence in the authenticity of any stated corporate purpose that differs from the profit maximizing norm is increasingly met with distrust. Why is this? What are the key elements of an authentic corporate purpose? How can this be harnessed? What are the implications for leaders who wish to lead their organizations authentically?

Many leading companies today are talking about combining profit with purpose.  The term "corporate purpose"  is increasingly used to express how an organization sees its role in society: the company's core "reason for being" (or "raison d'être"). Corporate purpose is the single underlying objective that unifies stakeholders and embodies the company's role in the broader economic and environmental context. It is often communicated through a company's vision or mission but it may also remain informal and unarticulated.  However, if it does not match the firm's actions, internal and external stakeholders will view corporate purpose with mistrust and skepticism and perceive it as mere window dressing, calling the organization's authenticity into question.

During this event, we will explore how corporations can best define,  live and communicate their corporate purpose in the most authentic and seamless way possible.  How can corporations not only "talk the walk" on their corporate purpose, but also "walk the talk"? What is the role of leadership in general and what can leaders do specifically to foster an authentic corporate purpose?

Testing the authenticity of your corporate purpose

For the last few years IMD has carried out empirical research focusing on corporate purpose in partnership with the global PR firm Burson Marsteller. In 2014 we focused on how firms can be authentic with their corporate purpose and the role of leadership in establishing the authenticity of corporate purpose. Based on research examining how executives perceive authenticity in corporate purpose, we present an authenticity model that can be used by companies to think and act on building and implementing an authentic corporate purpose. At this event, we will work with you interactively on testing the authenticity of your corporate purpose and understanding what it means for you as a leader within your organization.

Target audience

Senior strategy, sustainability, communications and human resources executives.

Date & Venue

April 16, 2015
Registration at 08:30, Start 09:00
Finish 16:15
Lausanne, Switzerland


Kay Richiger
CSL Learning Platform Coordinator
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Leadership, Authenticity and Corporate Purpose
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