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"New Dynamics for Human Capital Development"

  New Dynamics for Human Capital Development

When: Thursday, November 8th, 2012 14:00-17:00

Topic: "New Dynamics for Human Capital Development"

Purpose: With global economic conditions remaining highly uncertain, human capital has risen tothe top of the corporate agenda as a crucial source of competitive advantage. The skills, knowledgeand values of your people may well be the difference between success and failure in both developedand emerging economies.

The lack of growth in much of the developed world, and the clear slowdown in leading emergingmarkets, are forcing enterprises to reassess their approach to investing in people. Corporate costsare under pressure, so the key is to develop human capital in an effective and sustainable way.

What does this mean for Italy?

How well Italy performs will depend to a large extent on how its corporate sector performs. Italiancompanies must not only develop and retain their talents, but also attract new ones.

Speakers and format: IMD will facilitate this Roundtable together with speakers specializing in human capital in Italian enterprises.

Please note that this event is adressed by invitation only with no participation fee to executives involved in leadership development strategies.


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