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Socialstructing: Designing for the Future

  Marina Gorbis: "Socialstructing: Designing for the Future"

Marina Gorbis joins us from Palo Alto, California. She will be at IMD for her inaugural session in our Program for Executive Development and has accepted to do this conference.

When: Thursday evening, March 8, 2012, 18h00 - 21h00, at IMD

Topic: "Socialstructing: Designing for the Future".

We are in the early stages of a large-scale organizational transformation that will impact everything we do-from how we organize production to how we grow our food to how we govern ourselves. Although we often see this transformation through the lens of new technologies and global access to information, the larger impact is social; it is in how we lead our lives and re-structure our institutions, including corporations. If you were starting a business or another organizations - with today's technologies and knowledge of the latest findings in the science-how would you do it? In this talk, Marina Gorbis will take us on a tour of the new landscape of production and value creation in the context of larger technological and social shifts.


18h00 - 18h30: Registration at IMD
18h30 - 18h40: Welcome and introduction: IMD (Jim Pulcrano)
18h40 - 19h30: Socialstructing: Designing for the Future by Marina Gorbis, IFTF
19h30 - 20h00: Q&A
20h00 - 21h00: Cocktail

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Tickets from SFR 45.- to SFR 110.-

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SocialStructing-Designing for the Future

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