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Leading Virtuoso Teams

  Leading Virtuoso Teams - Monterrey

IMD has the pleasure to invite you to our Business Forum:

When: Monday, November 27, 2006
Topic: Leading virtuoso teams by Professor William A. Fischer
Please note that this event is by invitation only and that there is no participation fee.

In nearly every area of human achievements -- business, the arts, science, athletic, politics -- we can find teams that produce outstanding and innovative results by getting more than the full-value of the talent potential of the assembled individuals. We call such work groups Virtuoso Teams. Unlike traditional teams - which are typically made up of whoever is available, regardless of talents, Virtuoso Teams consist of star performers, at every level and are a powerful way to generate major change, such as: creating radical new strategies, entering new markets, or the re-generation of a company. Leaders of Virtuoso Teams put a premium on great collaboration - and they are not afraid to encourage creative confrontations to get it.

The Forum will be led by Prof. Bill Fischer Professor of Technology Management at IMD International, who will share with us the outcome of his published research focused on how to systematically exploit the power of the Virtuoso Team method. The speakers and the discussion at this Forum will offer various insights from their experiences of how high performance teams are critical to achieving outstanding results.

IMD and the IMD Alumni Club in Mexico have the pleasure of inviting you to this highly interactive and dynamic event generously hosted by VITRO SA DE CV and we look forward to seeing you on November 27 in Monterrey!

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