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IMD Workshop and Symposium with IMD Professor Cyril Bouquet

Is your subsidiary on the “radar screen?” 

Strategies for managing the attention of corporate headquarters

  IMD Workshop and Symposium

Where: Shanghai, China
When: Friday April 13th, 2012 08:30-16:00


Is your subsidiary on the "radar screen?"
Strategies for managing the attention of corporate headquarters

Do you have strategies for managing the attention of corporate headquarters? Are you receiving too much or too little attention from corporate headquarters? Do you want to know how other senior managers manage the same issue?

Our experience tells us that effective attention management is not easy to achieve. While the corporate headquarters often have the best intention to help, the attention they give to subsidiaries does not always bring the intended value. As one subsidiary CEO we interviewed commented: "I am not always sitting here waving my flag in the hope that someone is going to see me. I really admire my colleagues in China. Every month they have two or three board members in the local office. I wonder how much time they have to run their own business."

To address the challenges top executives at Chinese subsidiaries of multinationals face, Cyril Bouquet, Professor of Strategy and Global Management at IMD will host a one-day workshop and seminar at the Marriott Hotel (Chengfueng Park) on Friday 13th April, 2012 in Shanghai. The participants in the workshop will be individuals with direct experience of managing the subsidiary operations of a large global firm. The objective of the workshop is to provide participants with an opportunity to learn from each other, and also to advance our collective understanding of how subsidiaries can best manage the attention they get from corporate headquarters.

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