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  Bignami Lecture - Direct Democracy and the (exotic) Swiss political system

IMD has the pleasure to invite you to the second Bignami Lecture at IMD.

When: Tuesday 10 November 2009, 18h00 to 21h00

Where: IMD, Lausanne

Topic: Direct Democracy and the (exotic) Swiss political system by Prof. Andreas Ladner, IDHEAP

Switzerland is the world leader in the use of direct democracy. We will explore the different means of direct democracy and their implications for the political system and for politics. What are the issues citizens decide upon? Who takes part in popular votes? How well informed are the voters? What about the campaigns prior to the vote and the role of the parties? And, to what extent is direct democracy linked to other forms of power sharing in Swiss politics like, for example, the multiparty government? Taken altogether, Prof. Andreas Ladner will try to give a comprehensive view of the basics of Swiss political institutions and Swiss politics.

In 1957, Enrico Bignami, the managing director of Nestlé at that time, founded IMEDE (which became IMD in 1990). His aim was to provide teaching for private sector executives. In 1981, he founded IDHEAP (the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration) for public sector managers. Today it is essential that these two sectors come to know each other better and cooperate more closely with the aim of optimum governance of public affairs. For this reason, IDHEAP and IMD have launched the Bignami Lectures, a series of presentations by members of each institution's faculties, and which will be presented at the other institute. They are aimed at students, alumni and all those concerned by public affairs. The initial lecture was given at IDHEAP in June by IMD's Prof. Jean-Pierre Lehmann.

Please note that the event is by invitation only.

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