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Becoming a General Manager - the Seven Seismic Shifts

IMD Lunch session by Dr. Michael D. Watkins

Stockholm, 11 May 2012

  Becoming a General Manager - the Seven Seismic Shifts
Details The IMD team is organizing Business Forums on different locations in Europe where you can meet and work with Dr. Michael Watkins, professor and author of the best-selling book "The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels".

In the corporate world, becoming a General Manager can be both an honor and a curse. Suddenly you are a generalist, with smart specialists expecting you to lead. From one day to the next you move from being a tactician to being a strategist. Yesterday you were a warrior, and this morning you woke up as a diplomat. Are you ready for this?

Based on extensive research, Dr. Watkins has identified the seven seismic shifts that managers must make to become effective, mature General Managers. In this workshop he will speak about each of the seven shifts, as well as the career transition process that a manager needs to navigate. Dr. Watkins' work is a core part of IMD's newly revised Program for Executive Development, as well as the annual Orchestrating Winning Performance.
Location and Agenda


Föreläsningssalen Razorfish pa Summit
Grev Ture Gatan 30 i Stockholm

Agenda for May 11, 2012

11.30-12.00   Registration and networking

12.00-12.05  Introductions and Welcome by
                    Magnus Zetterberg, VP SAS and IMD EMBA Alumni
12.05-13.15   Presentation with discussion by Dr. Michael Watkins

Dr. Watkins often attracts a great deal of interest and we have a limited number of seats (total of 100). We therefore encourage you to register as soon as possible. Sandwiches and coffee will be served during the registration


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Becoming a General Manager - the Seven Seismic Shifts Stockholm

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