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EABIS 11th Annual Colloquium 2012

Strategic Innovation for Sustainability

2-4 July, 2012

  EABIS 11th Annual Colloquium

Strategic Innovation for Sustainability

Program Details

In 2012, there is cause for a double celebration. First, the EABIS 11th Annual Colloquium will feature perspectives from global business, thought leaders and world-leading academics to expand the knowledge horizon in the field of sustainability and innovation. Research, case studies and conceptual work from corporate, academic, policy and independent experts around the world will be presented to address six major topics:  

  • Global Trends – current and emerging macro issues influencing innovation for sustainability in the context of the socio/politic/economic landscape, long-term futures and solutions;
  • Markets & Systems – structures, financing, incentives, behaviours, examples of strategic innovation for sustainability that are changing the "rules of the game";
  • Business Models & Processes – strategic innovation for sustainability in operational excellence, product leadership, customer intimacy, social innovation, entrepreneurship, creating, capturing and distributing value;
  • Strategy – corporate strategic innovations as a result of sustainability in scenarios, resilience, stewardship, resources, stakeholder involvement, networks;  
  • Organisational Capabilities – Corporate strategic innovation prompted by sustainability in corporate culture, structures, processes, skills, technology, quality assurance, performance and impact assessment, intrapreneurship;
  • Capacity Building – Strategic innovation driven by sustainability in individual and organisational leadership, talent development cycle collaboration, and partnerships with others.  

Second, EABIS will launch a new mission and mandate for its next decade, and celebrate its 10th birthday. Reflecting the process that gave EABIS its original direction, Chief Executives of EABIS member companies will deliver a new challenge - and an invitation to collaborate - to business schools, related to the talent, skills and competencies needed to manage sustainable and profitable businesses in the 21st century.
EABIS 1th Annual Colloquium conference program being held at IMD.

Speakers and moderators

Senior keynote speakers, guest speakers, faculty and moderators have been invited from:
Global companies such as Nestlé, Syngenta, Unilever, BMW, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Holcim, DuPont, Solvay, Rabobank, Tata, Johnson & Johnson, Lafarge
Business schools/universities such as IMD, INSEAD, LBS, University of Pretoria, Cranfield School of Management
International organizations/NGOs such as IATA, ILO, the European Council, International Center for Trade and Sustainability, WWF, WBCSD amongst others.


The 2012 Annual Colloquium invites research, analysis, case studies and conceptual work from corporate, academic, policy and independent experts from around the world. Papers submitted must focus on topics related to the theme of the conference - Strategic innovation for sustainability - and be submitted by 20 April 2012. Download here the full call for contributions.
Please send your contributions and any questions you might have to

Registration and fees

Registration for EABIS 11th Annual Colloquium 2012
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Early bird price from 1 March - 15 May 2012

 Event fee CHF 900
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Regular price from 16 May - 30 June 2012

Event fee CHF 1,100
PhD Students  CHF  500

Once you have registered you will receive:

  1. Instructions on how to pay the fee,
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Note: EABIS members are entitled to one free place, EABIS partners to two free places. If you are not sure that you are entitled to a free place, please check within your institution or email to If the free member place has been taken, you will be charged the normal fee.

General information

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EABIS - The Academy of Business in Society
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Since its launch, EABIS has invested around 7mio € in more than 50 collaborative research and learning initiatives, including over half of the EU's research projects focused on corporate responsibility. (


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IMD Colloquium Coordinator
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EABIS Colloquium Coordinator
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Strategic Innovation for Sustainability
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