Executive education

Executive education is an important tool for global businesses to nurture top leadership talent. It offers executives new knowledge to enhance skills and gives them the opportunity to step back and gain a new perspective on their roles.

In an increasingly complex global business environment, leaders will continue to look for ways to stay ahead of the crowd and effectuate meaningful change, ensuring continued need for high-quality executive education. (...) Read more about Executive education.

Best business education

The best business education gets you results. The best business education programs help you transform from a manager into a company leader. They help you find new ways for your company to thrive during change. They provide the right environment for you to develop leadership skills and generate new ideas so that your company maintains competitive advantage over its rivals. (...) Read more about Best business education.

Best business schools in the world

The best business schools in the world can help you master the right skills for the most complex global business challenges. You and your company know that investing in management training courses is an investment in you, your career and your capacity to drive business results – so it just makes sense to seek out the best. But how to be sure? Just where do you find the best business schools in the world? (...) Read more about Best business schools in the world.

Best executive education programs

The best executive education programs for you must offer proven, measurable outcomes that meet your learning and development needs. Start with identifying what you want to achieve, and you will likely get an idea of what type of executive education program you are looking for. By researching those types of programs at good business schools, you should gain a good sense of which ones among them offer the outcomes you expect from the best executive education programs. (...) Read more about Best executive education programs.

Best executive programs

The best executive programs listed in the annual executive education rankings can grow your management and leadership skills to advance your career. But how do top publishers like the Financial Times, Forbes, and The Economist determine what makes the best executive programs? What do you need to consider when selecting an executive education program for yourself? What do you need to know before you sign up for a program ranked among the best executive programs? (...) Read more about Best executive programs.

Business administration schools

The best business administration schools offer invaluable ways to nurture leadership and management skills. They promote excellence in all that they do. The world’s top business administration schools are plugged into the real business world and adapt as conditions evolve. They have a global outlook and a diverse faculty to deliver top-notch business management training. (...) Read more about Business administration schools.

Business executive programs

Business executive programs provide vital help for international businesses seeking to develop global leaders. There's plenty of evidence to show that business executive programs from top business schools in the world can help nurture the best leadership talent. But there are some provisos you should be aware of. (...) Read more about Business executive programs.

Business management school

A business management school may seem like a sure-fire ticket to an exciting business career. It can be true. But it’s a little like dating: there may be nothing wrong with either of you – but if the fit isn’t right, it’s not going to work. Even if you get in, you won’t maximize your benefits. So, before you apply, think about the profile you seek in a business management school. (...) Read more about Business management school.

Business management schools

Business management schools are there to help you hone your leadership and business skills or add to your competencies. Maybe you want to offer more to your company, make a change or simply be ready for the next opportunity. But no program is going to do it for you alone. You need to know what you bring to the table - and be ready to use it. Because it’s not just about getting in; to get the most out of business management schools, you need to be fully ready. (...) Read more about Business management schools.

Buisness schools

Business schools offer a time-honored way to upgrade and extend management and leadership skills. They can provide you with the tools you need to meet decision-making challenges in an increasingly complicated world. But not all business schools are created equal. And not all can equip you in the way that is best suited to your needs. There are a range of factors that set Swiss-based IMD apart and explain why it is one of the top business schools in the world (...) Read more about Business schools.

Business school application

Your business school application is going to take a lot of work and time. You’ll get your papers in order and take note of all deadlines and requirements, but then what? How do you make it count? How do you show your mettle and stand out from the crowd in your business school application? (...) Read more about Business school application.

Business school applications

Business school applications are challenging. Get it right, and your career could be off to new heights. Get it wrong, and you’re staying put... or even wasting your time. One of the first – and most important – things to consider is where to apply. Here are some thoughts on how to find the right school for you, and then get them to pay attention to your business school applications. (...) Read more about Business school applications.

Business schools

Top business schools are an elite group. These business schools regularly excel in the rankings. They repeatedly draw the finest talent and most admired companies. Top business schools foster excellence and promote innovation. And they are the best equipped to help teams and individuals meet management challenges in an increasingly complex world. (...) Read more about Business schools.

Business school classes

Business school classes can bring fresh perspectives, new knowledge and leadership skills development. If you're a general management professional who wants to deliver greater business results and advance in your career, business school classes are the perfect complement to your on-the-job training and your basic business education. Of course, it's important to spend your time wisely in results-oriented business classes. Here're five things you should know about business school classes. (...) Read more about Business school classes.

Business school courses

Business school courses can offer fresh ideas, skills and motivation to boost your capacity to drive high-impact business results or not. Let's face it, some business school courses are really just a time out, a few Power Points and chats over coffee with colleagues. (...) Read more about Business school courses.

Developing global leaders

Developing global leaders. This is the mission of IMD business school - but does it really deliver?

The top business schools in the world aim to equip you with the management and leadership tools you need to tackle decision-making challenges in an increasingly complex world. They provide you with the savoir-faire to transform you and your company. But what sets IMD apart - what makes it not only a top-ranked business school but also the best for developing global leaders? (...) Read more about Developing global leaders.

Execution leadership

Execution leadership means having a strategic mindset and the leadership skills to perform a function, implement a process or execute a project. Having strong execution leadership skills can be the defining factor in meeting objectives for long-term business performance, particularly in a tough global economy. If you're looking to strengthen your skills in execution leadership, the top business schools in the world offer a number of high-impact executive education programs, both general and specific to particular executive function roles. Let's have a look at three types of executive programs that may be your route to improved execution leadership. (...) Read more about Execution leadership.

Executive education program

Executive education program training courses are growing in popularity for global businesses needing to develop top leaders. Organizations depend increasingly on an executive education program to train their business managers and senior executives. (...) Read more about Executive education program.

Executive education programs

Executive education programs from top business schools help organizations to develop global leaders and nurture a talent pool for senior management. Effective executive education programs give business managers an opportunity to step back and gain fresh insights while acquiring the leadership skills needed to take on greater responsibilities. (...) Read more about Executive education programs.

Executive education providers

Executive education providers know that top-performing leaders are masters of selling. They are able to "sell" their ideas with clarity and a sense of purpose so that others are moved to follow. Today's leadership challenge for executive education providers is to convince emerging leaders that they need to become masters of selling. (...) Read more about Executive education providers.

Executive education rankings

Executive education rankings are a primary tool for executives looking for the best management training courses for strengthening their business management and leadership skills. But what's in a ranking? Who are the reputable sources and how do they judge which are the top executive programs and business management schools? Do the top 10 business schools really have more to offer than others? Don't underestimate the importance of executive education rankings. (...) Read more about Executive education rankings.

Global leadership

Global leadership is crucial for companies seeking to succeed in the global arena of business today. But a lack of global leadership skills in top managers is holding many companies back. IMD is an internationally recognized expert in global leadership, offering a range of leadership development programs to help executives ensure their business thrives across borders and boundaries. (...) Read more about Global leadership.

Global leadership

Global leadership in today's volatile economic environment requires CEOs and senior executives to be more focused, knowledgeable and astute than ever before. This is the only way to drive business success and sustainability, as well as to stay on top in their own careers. The best international business schools recognize the unique challenges of senior leaders in international business management and they offer a range of specially-designed programs and services to solidify capacity for global leadership. (...) Read more about Global leadership.

Global perspective

Global perspective is crucially important if businesses are to succeed in the increasingly interconnected world marketplace. Executives must master the challenges of globalization - sizing up the forces shaping the future of their companies and seizing new opportunities. IMD, one of the top international business schools, understands the importance of global perspective in developing global leaders. Based in Switzerland, IMD couples Swiss excellence with a global perspective in the delivery of high-impact executive education that truly brings results. (...) Read more about Global perspective.

Global business school rankings

Global business school rankings play an important role in evaluating the world's best business administration schools. Companies and their leaders are facing tougher challenges in an evolving environment, shaped by shifting markets and fast-moving technologies. So, among other things, they are demanding more from executive education. (...) Read more about Global business school rankings.

Global leader journey

Your global leader journey may begin with a dream, but dreaming alone won't get you there. If you're an ambitious executive aiming for a top global leadership position, you'll most likely need a path of careful career planning that combines on-the-job challenges and high-quality, strategic executive education. This approach will enable you to build sufficient knowledge, experience and especially leadership skills needed to succeed in your global leader journey. (...) Read more about Global leader journey.

Good business schools

Good business schools offer business and leadership training to build beyond your on-the-job learning and boost your career. You know the schools with good reputations – you hear the names in the business world, you see the rankings. But when you’re serious about life-long learning, you need to look beyond this to find educational strategies that lead to real meaningful change. Here are the top 10 learning innovations that distinguish good business schools (...) Read more about High-impact executive education.

Graduate programs in leadership

Graduate programs in leadership can equip you with knowledge, tools and leadership skills that can accelerate your executive career. By giving you a better understanding of yourself and of the way people behave, the best graduate programs in leadership can boost your impact as a business leader in a sustained way. (...) Read more about Graduate programs in leadership.

High-impact executive education

High-impact executive education can define your success and that of your company. The best executive development programs provide new knowledge and hone your skills, while also allowing you to step back and develop a new perspective. In an increasingly complex global business environment, high-impact executive education gives you the tools to prepare for the future - and stay ahead of the pack. (...) Read more about High-impact executive education.

How to become a CEO

How to become a CEO? The story behind every successful CEO is different. But executive education can definitely help high-talent managers to move up the ranks. (...) Read more about How to become a CEO.

International business schools

International business schools offer distinctive advantages for global executives (and future global executives) looking for the very best in executive education. Beyond what you should expect from any highly ranked business school, you get a global perspective that’s more relevant for today’s era of international interdependence. If you’re reaching for global career heights, here are some critical features to look for in international business schools (...) Read more about International business schools.

Leadership development institute

“Leadership development institute” – when you Google that, you get more than 100 million hits. Everything from online operations to some of the top business schools in the world. Sorting through them is overwhelming. But when you’re a business manager looking to enhance your leadership to take your career to the next level, it pays to know the hallmarks of excellence in a leadership development institute. (...) Read more about Leadership development institute.

Leadership training institute

A leadership training institute can help you perfect your leadership ability to rise higher and offer more to your company - today and tomorrow. To make this happen, don’t pick just any institute. Keep the bar high and expect these 10 things from your leadership training institute. (...) Read more about Leadership training institute.

Personal leadership

Personal leadership is critical to effective general management practice. Worried that personal leadership skills are something you're either born with, or not? There's no reason to be: like any other skills, personal leadership skills can be developed and enhanced through targeted training. An excellent way to achieve this is through executive programs offered at good business schools. Here are 10 ways these programs can boost your personal leadership. (...) Read more about Personal leadership.

Professional education program

Professional education program - Congratulations! Typing those three words into your search engine is your first step on a road that can lead to fresh ideas and energy for your career. Of course, now you have to sort through the literally 3 million hits you just got. If you're looking for an investment in yourself, your career and your strength to drive business results, here are some things to look for when assessing the different professional education program options available. (...) Read more about Professional education program.

Real-world executive development

Real-world executive development is essential for developing global leaders that drive continued business success in an increasingly complex world. Real-world executive development is about practical, hands-on executive education that is relevant to you and your business. If you want stay ahead of the crowd, real-world executive development programs can make a difference. But finding a business school that delivers this kind of executive leadership development is easier said than done. (...) Read more about Real-world executive development.

Real World, Real Learning

Real World, Real Learning is the driving principle behind IMD’s winning approach to executive education. IMD is 100% focused on developing global leaders for the real business world. Theory and academic pursuits may be favoured by some management training schools. But IMD’s Real World, Real Learning programs are designed to deliver relevant knowledge that will both boost your own skills and the fortunes of your company. (...) Read more about Real World, Real Learning.

School for business management

A top school for business management is crucial for global companies seeking a learning partner for executive education. Choosing the right school for business management is equally important for individuals seeking to reach their full potential in a demanding corporate world. The ideal school for business management offers innovative programs tailored to meet a variety of needs. The right school for business management provides the very best executive management and leadership skills. In the best of worlds, it imparts the assurance that your investment in a quality executive education will pay off. (...) Read more about School for business management.

School of business

School of business options abound - but finding a school of business that will meet your needs requires careful research. You want to be sure you’ll get leadership and business management skills that are relevant to you and which you can put to use straight away. A good school of business will also give you the knowledge and tools for managing complex international challenges - increasingly important in today’s globalized world. (...) Read more about School of business.

Schools for business administration

Schools for business administration are not hard to find. In a rapidly evolving globalized environment, organizations are facing challenges that are creating a demand for schools for business administration as never before.

And to be sure, there are plenty of schools for business administration responding to this demand. The trick for businesses is to find one that is best suited to developing leadership skills and nurturing top talent. Clearly, not all schools for business administration offer the same level of leadership development programs. But with all those schools for business administration out there, how do you separate the best from the rest? (...) Read more about Schools for business administration.

Schools for business management

Schools for business management are everywhere these days. But if you’re serious about honing your skills for a top-level business career, you want the real deal. How do you find the best and what should you expect from schools for business management? (...) Read more about Schools for business management.

Stakeholder leadership

Stakeholder leadership can make or break a business strategy, project implementation or change process. If you handle stakeholder engagement well, the various people involved in, or affected by, your project will buoy you as you navigate through your challenge. But failing to properly account for stakeholder impact could result in strong resistance, feeble implementation and negative outcomes you had not considered or intended. Stakeholder buy-in improves project change management on a number of levels, and is essential for good corporate governance. Leadership development programs can contribute greatly to your preparedness, as a range of advanced business general management skills are needed for good stakeholder leadership. (...) Read more about Stakeholder leadership.

Strategy leadership

Strategy leadership is critical for an organization's sustainability and success, not only during growth or change, but also - considering today's volatile global economy - in an ongoing manner. Leadingand implementing a business development strategy takes short and long-term vision, tactical agility and the power to inspire others. These three skills are multifaceted and complex, and benefit from continuous learning. A good way to develop strong strategy leadership skills is through strategic leadership development programs from international business schools. (...) Read more about Strategy leadership.

Strategy management

Strategy management training from one of the best business schools helps corporate leaders to develop and execute winning organizational strategies in challenging situations. These days, strategy management is critical for the success of companies facing an increasingly complex business environment. (...) Read more about Strategy management.

Swiss excellence

Swiss excellence is what you can expect from IMD business school when it comes to executive education. Switzerland is famous for its commitment to the highest standards and doing things right. But Swiss excellence is more than just a catchphrase to describe what IMD does. From the shores of Lake Geneva and from key locations worldwide, the business school offers the highest standard in management training programs to executives at all levels from across the globe. (...) Read more about Swiss excellence.

Top 10 business schools

The top 10 business schools are an ideal start-point when you’re looking for the best return on investment in executive education. A simple internet search gives you a list and you’re on your way. But just what is it that separates these schools from the rest? Who decides – and how? (...) Read more about Top 10 business schools.

Top business schools in the world

The top business schools in the world are, not surprisingly, the best places for quality executive education. By attending a program at such a school, you can be confident you’ll gain the very best leadership and business management skills as well as the latest business insights and tools for managing complex international challenges. (...) Read more about Top business schools in the world.

Top business schools

Top business schools are the best places to get executive education that allows you to reach your full potential. By studying at such a school you can be assured of acquiring the best leadership and management training possible. You can also expect to learn the latest business insights and tools for tackling complex international challenges. (...) Read more about Top business schools.

Top European business schools

Top European business schools: Let’s break it down... (...) Read more about Top European business schools.

Top executive education programs

Top executive education programs from international business schools provide effective ways to help companies develop global leaders while offering executives new knowledge and leadership skills to take on greater responsibilities. And top executive education programs allow business managers to step back from daily routines to gain fresh insights. (...) Read more about Top executive education programs.

Top international business schools

Top international business schools are a small, select group. These are the schools that consistently feature at the top of independent rankings. The schools that attract the best individuals and the best organizations, year after year. The schools that develop the critical skills needed to manage today’s - and tomorrow’s - complex business challenges. The schools that really will help you realize your full potential. (...) Read more about Top international business schools.

Top schools for business management

Top schools for business management are the best places to get an executive education. That sounds logical enough, doesn't it? Without any doubt, you should expect top schools for business management to offer the best leadership and management training, along with the latest insights you need to tackle your organization's toughest challenges. (...) Read more about Top schools for business management.

Top-ranked business school

A top-ranked business school is naturally where you can expect to get the best executive education. By enrolling at a top-ranked business school you can be assured of getting the kind of leadership and business management training that will allow you to reach your full potential. (...) Read more about Top-ranked business school.

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