High Performance Boards Program

How board directors make a real difference

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The High Performance Boards Program (HPB) is the Board Program at IMD. It is for supervisory board members and chairpersons and also welcomes family business members.
The duration of this top management program is 3 days over 4 days with three different networking dinners organized.

The program will help you

   - Identify what makes best practice boards
   - Drive positive board culture
   - Evaluate and mitigate risk and maximize opportunities through strategic board involvement
   - Ensure successful succession plans
   - Learn how to manage a board in crisis

Program themes include

   - The Four Pillars of Effective Boards
   - Best Practices and Behaviors from Top Boards
   - Best Risk Practices for Boards
   - Boards and Strategy
   - Board Dynamics and Board/CEO Dynamics
   - Making Board Processes Meaningful
   - Refining the Role of the Chairman
   - Boards in Crisis

As partcipants come from diverse international companies and a broad range of industries, we have parallel sessions fully devoted to some specific issues (Family Business, Managing Stakeholders NGO, Board Dynamics and Psychology, Social Issues & Stakeholders in the Middle East & Africa, Governance Regulation Going Forward) or some geographical areas (Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia...etc).

Special team offer

Boards who wish to send four participants together on the program, have the opportunity to add a fifth participant at no additional cost. We also offer, upon request, an additional customized team session, during which you can explore more in depth the specific challenges you face.


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High Performane Boards programme focuses on key roles on boards and relies on the exchange of ideas among participants with relevant experience.

Program Director

Didier Cossin

Swiss, French, Professor

PhD in Business Economics Harvard University

Programs: High Performance Boards - Strategic Finance, Orchestrating Winning Performance

Finance, Governance

Faculty Team

Please note programme faculty may change.

Arturo Bris

Spanish, Professor

PhD in Management INSEAD

Programs: Strategic Finance - Building on Talent, Advanced Strategic Management , Orchestrating Winning Performance


Ben Bryant

Australian, British, Professor

PhD London Business School

Programs: Executive MBA - Orchestrating Winning Performance

Interpersonal Leadership, Team-Leadership

Goutam Challagalla

American, Indian, Professor

PhD in Business Administration, University of Texas at Austin

Programs: Strategic Marketing in Action - Orchestrating Winning Performance

Marketing, Strategy

William A. Fischer

American, Professor

DBA George Washington University

Programs: Driving Strategic Innovation - Orchestrating Winning Performance


Robert Hooijberg

Dutch, Professor

PhD University of Michigan

Programs: Negotiating for Value Creation - Orchestrating Winning Performance

Organizational Design

Anand Narasimhan

Indian, British, Professor

PhD Vanderbilt University

Programs: Executive MBA - Leading the Family Business, Orchestrating Winning Performance

Interpersonal Leadership

Michael Yaziji

American, Professor

Ph.D. University of California

Programs: High Performance Boards - Orchestrating Winning Performance


Paul Strebel

South African, Swiss, Emeritus Professor

PhD Princeton University

Programs: High Performance Boards - Orchestrating Winning Performance

Governance, Strategy

Testimonials & Past Leadings Participants

It was a great opportunity to step back and reflect on Board responsibility. I kept the Board program with a lot of ideas for immediate actions.

Ulrich Lehner


The board program addresses the all-important question of a board's 'sense of purpose' by exploring in detail the chairman-CEO and the board-executive committee relationships. Key takeaways for me include how to optimize the composition of a board, how to engage with non-governmental organizations and how to leverage social media as a new and powerful channel of communication

Michel Demaré


This Board program was a fantastic program, very stimulating lectures. The speakers did not focus on general aspects they always showed examples of real life. Good speakers catching the attention of the people, and stimulating broad discussion. Excellent learning environment.

Verena Briner


HPB has helped me to better manage board issues. It broadened and refreshed my perspective of the relationship between the board and management, and provided useful and practical insights from live case studies.

H.E. Nasser bin Khamis Al Jashmi


The board program is very inspirational. It points in the direction of board's roles and responsibilities which are critical for success and effectiveness but which are either overlooked or taken for granted - a dangerous "complacency".

Ambrosie Bryant Orjiako