Board Boosters

35 years of board education experience with the most prominent boards

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Our custom programs are founded on cutting-edge research and the extensive experience of IMD Faculty, and inspired by the board practices of leading organizations in Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. With a heavy emphasis on experiential and discussion-based learning, our programs also draw on the diverse perspectives of guest speakers and participants – your peers from around the world. 

Our custom programs are

    -  Highly customized programs to drive your board’s performance
    -  Designed to meet the specific learning and development needs of your board
    - Exclusively developed for supervisory board members
    - Inspired by the latest research and the world’s best boards, and with more than 35 years of board education experience

Example of topics that may be covered during program delivery

    - Board Dynamics, Decision Styles and Discussion Styles: Threats to Static Systems
    - Board Leadership in Volatile Times: The Board as a Secure Base
    - Global Governance Trends: Evolution for Main Political and Economic Transnational Actors
    - Evaluating Yourself as a Board Member: Self-reflection Tools and Processes
    - Latest Techniques in Risk Management Practices: Combining Psychology and Financial Economics
    - Board and Social Media
    - New Trends in Strategic Thinking: Probe, Sense and React/Internal Competitions/Focused Responses/Others
    - Supervising and Boosting Management Development and Succession Quality Across the Organization: Best in Class Practices
    - Overcoming Board Blindspots and Developing a Meaningful Role