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  Hans Peter Rohner
Hans-Peter Rohner

Hans-Peter Rohner
Chairman, PubliGroupe


Mr Rohner has been Chairman since 29 April 2009, CEO of PubliGroupe from July 2002 to august 2012 and a member of its General Management since 1994.  

After completing an apprenticeship in advertising, Mr Rohner earned diplomas as advertising technician and advertising manager at the Swiss Marketing and Advertising Institute (SAWI). He started his career at the Tages-Anzeiger Group, where he held several positions: Head of Marketing Services (1976-1980), Head of the Electronic Media Project (1980-1982) and member of the management of the Tages-Anzeiger Group and Director of Publication of the women’s magazines Annabelle, Femina and Voilà(1982-1985). He joined Publicitas, a PubliGroupe company, in 1985 as Head of Strategic Marketing (1985-1989), then became Marketing Director and a member of the Publicitas Management Committee (1990-1994), Group Marketing Director (1994-1999) and, prior to his current position, Director of the Publicitas Promotion Network (Europe/Asia/Latin America; 1999-2002).

Mr Rohner has seats on the boards of directors of several companies in which PubliGroupe has shareholding interests. He is also Chairman of the Swiss Marketing and Advertising Institute (SAWI), a board member of economiesuisse, and a member of the GfM (Swiss Marketing) committee.

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